Our members are some of the most politically engaged, campaigning doctors around.

Each year we elect a committee to guide our organisation.

Chair and President

Coral Jones

Vice Presidents

Jackie Applebee, Steve Watkins and Dave Wrigley

Vice Chair

Rizwana Lala


Pamela Martin


Gerard Reissmann

Women’s Officer

Amanda Owen

Equalities Officer

Filson Ali

Membership Secretary

Jackie Applebee

BMA GPC Representatives

Jackie Applebee and Deborah Colvin

BMA GPC Representative (Wales)

David Church

Consultant Representative

Mark Butler

Public Health Representative

Ruth Du Plessis

Communications Officers

Jonathan Fluxman and Tom Riddington

SE RISC Deputy

Veronika Wagner

DIU Observer to Health NISC

Coral Jones

Junior Doctor Representative

Thabo Miller

Delegates to Tower Hamlets Trades Council

Kambiz Boomla and Jackie Applebee

Regional Representatives

Wales: Brian Gibbons. Scotland: Andrew Gray. Merseyside: Alex Scott-Samuel. North West: Zahid Chauhan. South Yorkshire: Jack Czauderna. Manchester: Emma Runswick. Midlands: Jon Dale. London: Jacky Davis.

Covid Lead

Jonathan Fluxman