Why I joined: Rizwana Lala

I joined Doctors in Unite to be part of a trade union (Unite) that is affiliated with the TUC. I joined to work with all fellow health workers and trade union activists in our collective struggles for better working conditions, a better NHS and a better world.

As health workers, we understand that working together is how we best care for our patients. I believe taking this ethos inside and outside our workplaces is essential to deliver the best care. Through Doctors in Unite, I organise and campaign with progressive health workers. NHS re-organisations, increasing privatisation, thirteen years of below inflation pay awards, and pension reforms have left workers struggling and an NHS crumbling. Doctors in Unite supports strike action to restore pay and conditions, and workers’ demands for safe staffing levels.

At Doctors in Unite, we care deeply for all our patients. So we campaign to end the hostile environment in the NHS with cruel healthcare charges for vulnerable migrants. We campaign against NHS privatisation and unsafe workplaces. 

I am honoured to be elected Vice Chair of Doctors in Unite. With fellow Doctors in Unite and wider trade union members, I am proud to attend picket lines and marches to support industrial action in the NHS and beyond. I am committed to campaigning for the founding values of the NHS – a universal, fully funded, publicly owned health service, free to all at the point of need.