Music and poetry

We are collating songs and poetry on this page, which support the NHS, trade unionism and workers’ struggles, and our general aims of a socialist future.

Please email any suggestions, with some background if you can, to and we’ll consider adding them to this page.

1. Nye: song for the NHS

Welsh singer / song-writer Martin Joseph wrote this in 2015 about Nye Bevan and the NHS. Nye died just a few days before Martyn was born. Click here for the song.

2. We’re gonna win!

A song by JayDeeF and Natalie Lindi written inthe spring of 2022 about the courageous strike by security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, against outsourcing, poverty pay and discrimination. Click here for the song.

3. Bring out the dead

A poem by Paul O’Brien. Click here

4. Two poems on the consultation

by Jonathan Richards. Click here

5. Big up the NHS

A song by Rosie Holloway abut the NHS and essential workers. Click here

6. Bread and Roses

A moving rendition of the classic song, from the film Pride Click here

On Nye Bevin and the NHS

Stirring speech in defence of the NHS by actor Michael Sheen. Click here

Dont sit silently

while they take away our NHS, by Tracey Curtis. Click here

There are several songs here by Tracey Curtis, including Cancer Song