Why I joined: David Church

Dr David Church

I wanted to join a union that would stand with our colleagues in the NHS, but also stand up to NHS employers and government privatisation plans, and protect the interests of doctors and patients from harmful government changes and bad management practices, corruption, and privatisation.

I have been a representative of some kind since medical school (on the students’ representative council), and at times have been a part of the LMC, RMC, Town Council, and local societies. Currently, I am a workplace contact for Mid-Wales hospitals and GP surgeries, a member of the National Association of Sessional GPs, and Mid-Wales Locum Chambers Lead.

I firmly believe we should stand together with other workers’ unions to restore more equality in society as the only way to ‘level up’ health gains for us all. We must remove private profiteering from essential services like the NHS, transport, ports, energy, education, security communications, banks, water (already nationalised in Wales!) and County Council services.

I also believe we should have nationally co-ordinated investment in research through public universities, with discoveries and developments (like drugs and vaccines) available to the NHS without being held to ransom by private businesses.

Dr David Church is a Locum GP in mid-Wales, and a Bank TTP Consultant to BCUHB. He also works with the local NG railway, a motorcycle racing club, the St John’s Ambulance Service, and the Sea Cadets. David is the Doctors in Unite representative for Wales to the BMA General Practitioners’ Committee.