Open letter to the Sudanese Ambassador to the UK


Dear Ambassador Abdalla Ali Eltom

Call for Urgent Action: Protect the civilians in Sudan and stop the conflict.

Doctors in Unite express solidarity with health workers in Sudan who are calling for an immediate ceasefire to end the horrific violence within Sudan. At huge cost to the Sudanese people, rival generals are fighting for control of the country’s government and resources leading to slaughter, destruction, and fear continuing unabated throughout Sudan.

There have been false promises of ceasefire in Ramadan and Eid. The generals who launched this conflict must be held accountable, removed from power and replaced by a civilian government committed to a democratic transition and peaceful power sharing.

Civilian groups who are leading the struggle for peace, stability, social justice and democracy are calling for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid, the demilitarisation of the cities and to hold the generals who launched this conflict to account.

The continuation of the war has left and still leaves catastrophic effects, as both parties did not abide by the ceasefire declared by the United Nations. Safe corridors were not designated for evacuating the stranded, medical crews were not protected, hospitals were not spared. All these violations are contrary to international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.

As a doctors’ union, we echo the call for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid and the demilitarisation of the cities. Health workers and health facilities must be protected, not targeted, and democracy and the rule of law respected to save lives.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Coral Jones

Chair, Doctors in Unite