Joint campaigning to defend the NHS

The annual NHS winter crisis is now a continuous crisis. The latest performance figures for emergency departments are the worst ever and waiting lists continue to increase. The government has promised much, but there is little hope this will translate into real improvement.  The situation continues to worsen due to chronic underfunding of health and social care, cuts, closures and huge staff shortages. Brexit and the looming threat of a US Trade Deal are also on the horizon.

We must stand together with other campaigning groups to speak out and take action to defend the NHS. Dr Jackie Grunsell’s motion at the Doctors in Unite AGM commits the union to this coordinated effort.

Our starting point will be on February 15th, the Winter Crisis Day of Action, arranged by Health Campaigns Together and Keep our NHS Public. Other national and local events are running around the country.

We are stronger when we work together. Doctors in Unite resolves to do all in our power to join with other campaign groups and trade unions for the organised resistance now required.

Scrap Trident – doctors demand unilateral nuclear disarmament

On January 23rd The Bulletin of Atomic scientists’ doomsday clock moved to 100 seconds to midnight. Rising geopolitical tensions, warmongering rhetoric from world leaders and an erosion of the rules-based international order means the risk of nuclear war is shamefully re-emerging.

Doctors in Unite recognises the futility of maintaining Trident. Nuclear weapons are a wholly ineffective countermeasure against the UK’s disparate security threats. The cost of maintaining them is astronomical, money which could be far better spent elsewhere.

We call for unilateral nuclear disarmament. The Trident weapons system should be scrapped, and alternative and equivalent employment for those UK workers currently involved in the nuclear weapons programme must be provided.

Following a motion proposed by Dr Thabo Miller, our union will affiliate with the campaign group International Physicians for the Preventions of Nuclear War. We also urge the whole of Unite to follow our lead, and affiliate with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.