Doctors in Unite support XR protest on 21-24 April

Doctors in Unite support the action of Extinction Rebellion in London April 21-24, (“The Big One”) demanding urgent action to tackle the climate change crisis.

We have no confidence in the profit-driven energy, oil and other corporations to change course, nor in the Tory government to prioritise the climate catastrophe above short term profiteering. Starmer’s Labour is also failing to put forward the action needed – which is the nationalising of the oil, energy, motor and other destructive industries so that they can be democratically planned and repurposed to sustainably meet needs.

We recognise the need for protection of communities and workers dependent on industries affected by necessary change, but believe that workers have transferable skills so that they can be redeployed, along with the diversification of plant and capital.

We urge Unite to lead and work with other Trade Unions to articulate and work for the achievement of a credible course of action to avoid disaster this century.