Doctors in Unite stand in solidarity with striking junior doctors

Doctors in Unite offer unwavering support to all junior doctors who have voted to take strike action.

Junior doctors work relentless hours on the front lines of our hospitals, where their jobs have become ever more intense since the covid pandemic.

Newly qualified doctors routinely leave medical school with many tens of thousands of pounds of debt. They work tirelessly and selflessly, and deserve a salary that doesn’t leave them worrying about making ends meet.

The cost of living crisis has eroded the real terms wages of many professionals, including junior doctors. They will join health workers including nurses and paramedics who have resorted to industrial action over poor pay offers from the government.

Dr Coral Jones, Chair of Doctors in Unite, said: “The government’s failure to negotiate a solution means they are failing the country and failing the health service. Junior doctors are taking a stand for patients, for decent pay and conditions, and for the NHS.

They have the full support of Doctors in Unite.”