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Doctors in Unite to affiliate with human rights organisation Liberty

The UK’s oldest medical trade union is affiliating with the human rights organisation Liberty. Both groups fight for people’s rights and freedoms, hold the powerful to account, and challenge those who abuse their authority.

Doctors in Unite and Liberty stand together against the home office’s discredited ‘hostile environment’ policy, where immigration enforcement can access personal data collected by hospitals, schools, and job centres, and use it to track down children and adults for deportation. This robs doctors, teachers, police and other public servants of the trust that’s key to everything they do. That’s why we call on government departments to commit to a data ‘firewall’ – a cast-iron promise that personal information collected by trusted public services will never be shared with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes.

Liberty counts dozens of unions among their growing network of members, and our union is proud to stand with them to help make the UK a fairer place.