Medical Activism

We believe health professionals, and doctors in particular, have a powerful voice to speak out against injustice, poverty and exploitation in our society.

We see first hand in our day-to-day work the devastating impact of these factors on the physical and mental health of our patients.

This combined with our position in society gives doctors a unique perspective – and a special responsibility – to speak up, and call for an equitable society for all.

Through our work with Unite, we lobby the government and the Labour Party to re-establish the NHS as a universal health service with the resources it needs to prosper. Examples include our landmark Public Health and Primary Care document, our work during the covid pandemic, and the pressure we exert on the Labour health team.

Our Health Heroes section gives other examples of outstanding individuals who have held similar values over time, from modern day doctors to historical healthcare pioneers.

For further reading, Dr John Launer’s article Medical Activism discusses in detail the political role doctors play.