We were deeply saddened to hear of the death last night of our wonderful friend and comrade Dr Ron Singer. Tributes have been pouring in all day. It is very hard to encapsulate such a fantastic human being in words. Ron was an inspiration to so many people. He was passionate, principled, and a loyal friend, who never shied away from the front line fighting against injustice. He was Chair of Doctors in Unite, formerly the Medical Practitioners Union for many years, and celebrated its centenary as Chair in 2014.

He was an uncompromising defender of the NHS as Nye Bevan intended, a comprehensive health service, free at the point of delivery, publicly funded and publicly provided for all. Andrew Lansley’s dastardly Health and Social Care Act had Ron chasing the then Health Secretary down the corridors of hospitals trying to make him explain how the Bill would be nothing but a disaster – and how prescient Ron was. Lansley ignored him as he was hurried away by security guards, but Ron has been proved right.

Ron was a committed Trade Unionist and we are so pleased that only a few weeks ago he was interviewed by Doctors in Unite, where he explained why doctors should be in a trade union.

Ron may have died but his legacy will live on for a very long time. We will miss him. 

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